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We are in the Information & Technology age. You should be as well. Leverage technology to increase accuracy, maximize efficiency and reduce time being spent on unproductive tasks. e-manage |ONE has the deepest and most automated integration in the Furniture Industry which will give you back hundreds if not thousands of hour of productivity to your team so you can focus more time with your customers.

to be built into your current software?

It's Haworth's Web Services...

The biggest innovation for Haworth Dealers...

and it's not furniture!

and e-manage|ONE has been ready from day|ONE!

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The new quote tool takes your customer proposals to a whole new level of professionalism and gives you amazing functionality with features such as personalized quotes, customizable quote options, trackable deposit invoices and customizable payment schedules.

The Most Professional & Functional Quote Tool Available!

Make Confident & Accurate Decisions

Because you can trust your data

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e-manage|ONE is a huge repository of compiled data which allows you to see your business in a completely different way than you have ever seen it. You will be able to manage the business with up to date figures and make decisions based on real results that are automatically compiled.

Leave your competition in the dust!

e-manage | ONE is always built on the latest Microsoft technology. As new framework comes out, it is incorporated immediately for our customer to take full advantage of, so they are always on the cutting edge.

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Because you will always have the Latest Technology

21st Century Software for Furniture Dealers

e-manage | ONE is dedicated to advancing the contract furniture industry by supplying every dealership with automation never dreamed of, integrated web services for any manufacturer that is willing to supply them, simple pricing, and a 12 month lease to own program, so e-manage | ONE will never be out of reach for companies large and small from 10 to 500 users.

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