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The Systemcenter, Inc. is the Haworth, KI & Spacesaver dealer for Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. They have been an e-manage|ONE customer for over 13 years. The Systemcenter has been in business since 1976 and is in their second generation business led by Stephan Edwards, President. The Systemcenter has grown substantially over the years and e-manage|ONE has been a key factor […]

Featured In the Business of Furniture

The buzz is getting around about e-manage | ONE. See the Jan 20, 2016 article about e-manage | ONE in The Business of Furniture magazine published by Below Press. Download the full issue by clicking on the cover below. Manage Your Business, Don’t Let It Manage You LETS FACE IT, THE OFFICE FURNITURE INDUSTRY IS SMALL PATOTOES WHEN […]

e-manage|ONE Interface

As important as the functionality of e-manage | ONE is, we believe that having a modern, up to date, and interactive interface is what makes the functionality useable. We have been developing our custom color schemes for 7 years and continually refine them to make them more and more interesting to look at and move your mouse […]

BOM Item Repository

The BOM Item repository is a database driven collection of Bill of Materials items your company uses all the time. Any one that has the application right to “Create and Price Bill of Materials” can now take any items from any BOM, right click on the highlighted items and add them to the repository.

Dashboard Graphs

Now available in e-manage | ONE is a new Graphical Analysis Module you won’t find in any other software. It comes with over 80 pre-build graphs and if that is not enough, it is totally customizable and we will help you build more.

2020 Worksheet OFDA XML Import now available

2020 Worksheet OFDA XML Import now available. Coding and testing is complete for OFDA XML 4.0. The tagging from drawing is automatically brought into the Alias 1 field in the XML. The xml import into e-manage|ONE is a faster import and contains the Group Codes & Group Description. Skipped Options automatically come in with errors […]