BOM / Estimating / Customer Quotes

Automated Quote

The automated line item quote and deeper integration with Project Matrix allows for beautiful rendered pictures on the line items of the quote. We can guarantee you that no software company has ever put so much time and effort into their customers having the most beautiful, feature rich, and automated line item quote template ever designed as the base from which to start building custom alternatives from. The combination of the back end automation and front report make for a quoting tool that is professional and very functional.

You can download a sample of the quote and you will see our new cover page that automatically uses the customer’s logo (when added to the customer’s location record) on the cover page, includes 4 different choices of customer price summaries, Direct Bill Vendor Options, Payment Schedules configured by Terms of Sale and an automated Deposit Invoice (also has 4 options for price breakdown and is tracked as an open deposit invoice until deposit is received or the quote is marked as not valid.

Quote & Proposal Generation

e-manage| ONE has default quote reports standard with the ability to modify them using the built-in Telerik report designer. Create profession proposals for your company as a standard printing them in seconds as all information from the estimate carries over. Email Quotes/Proposals from the viewer directly to you customer which is automatically saved to the project for history and make it accessible to your customer via the customer web portal all at the same time.

Quick Quotes & Orders

If you have projects that require a quick turnaround you could use the Quick Quote function in e-manage |ONE. It allows you to start a project and create a price quote in one window at once. You can also book it and process an order at the same time.

All the functionality in the estimating module are available so you can import pricing files, use auto parts, associated parts and inventory items.

Estimating & Discounting

The estimating module is a robust estimator that gives you many options to process and estimate quicker and more accurately. The e-manage|ONE estimating module has a built-in parts catalog, parts can have pictures associated with them, you can set parts to have associated parts that automatically pop up when adding the to a estimate and you can have parts automatically add and calculate on other parts so your team does not forget to include an item and a price for the item.

You can create multiple options for estimates and custom descriptions with pictures.

Parts Database & Custom Parts Catalogs

Create your own parts catalog. Categorize them, use them for inventory, add to pictures to parts which show up in inventory, on your quotes and in the customer web portal catalog for customer ordering. Set parts that are associated to other parts which you can manually add or you can set to automatically and even automatically calculate at the same time.

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Custom Terms & Conditions

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e-manage BOM / Quotes - Delete Proof

The Clipboard Manager also keep a 30 day history of any items deleted in the Bill of Materials

Using The BOM Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager is an easy way to create fast quotes or orders for your most popular items and / or for customers that reorder items on a regular basis.

Using and Creating AutoParts

Create accurate quotes and automate your estimates with e-manageONE AutoParts.

Requesting A New Partner Account Number from Haworth

This video shows users how request a new partner from Haworth Lynx, then add the new partner to e-manage | ONE for use on orders.

Associated Parts and Using for COM Fabric Orders

The following video will show you how to use Associated Parts and what they can do to help automate your estimating and help to reduce margin erosion.

New Web Services Video: Place Haworth Orders Electronically

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Haworth Web Services Setup

This video demonstrates how to setup the Haworth Web Services within e-manage |ONE

Copy and Paste Functionality for the Bill of Materials

This is a short Functionality video detailing our newly redesigned copy and paste functionality for the Bill of Materials module of e-manage | ONE.

New Functionality – BOM Item Repository

The BOM Item repository is a database driven collection of Bill of Materials items your company uses all the time.

e-manage | ONE Implementation of Herman Miller Quote Tool Web Service

The Herman Miller Quote Tool is 7 minutes of one of the most exciting things we have ever delivered to any of our customers. Not a Herman Miller dealer? You still might want to watch this.

e-manage | ONE Bill of Materials Basic Training

This is a great start. The Bill of Materials drives every part of the project after it and generates quotes and estimated profit and loss. We took our time with this customer to ensure a comfort level from not showing too much at one time.

Line Item Pictures - Project Matrix Extended Integration

This is a short video with a newly developed extended integration with Project Matrix. We added the ability to apply pictures, with transparent background.

ProjectSpec Catalog Integration into e-manage ONE

This is a complete, start to finish, instructional video demonstrating how to setup the ProjectSpec Catalog Integration

Canvas to e-manage ONE to Lynx usage

A short video demonstrating how to use Canvas XML Export into a BOM in e-manage | ONE, creating a quote, XML to Haworth Lynx, and applying the pricing back.

How to add a Haworth SPA (Special Pricing Agreement) to e-manage ONE

This is a short video on how to add a Haworth SPA (Special Pricing Agreement) to e-manage ONE

Associated Parts Configuration

Associated Parts are items that can automatically and conditionally add to your estimate and auto calculate based on other items on the estimate.

Herman Miller Quoting Tool

This is a short almost 7 minute recording of a live meeting with a Herman Miller dealer...

Direct Bill Projects

For GSA and Direct Bill Jobs, we have added new functionality to automate this process as much as possible.

BOM Item Repository

The BOM Item repository is a database driven collection of Bill of Materials items your company uses all the time. Any one that has the application right to “Create and Price Bill of Materials” can now take any items from any BOM, right click on the highlighted items and add them to the repository.

Enhanced BOM Copy & Paste Functionality

Along with what was already possible (the copying and pasting of Options / Phases / and BOM’s), users can now copy items directly from the BOM Item listing...