• Business Development

    Generate More Sales by Doing Less Business With Yourself


Easily create a marketing campaigns in e-manage|ONE to rack the success of the campaign to leads created, leads to opportunities, and opportunities to jobs. each step is automatically converts with any user intervention.

See your conversion ration, dollar value and cost per lead in one window.

e-manage | ONE is the only Furniture Dealer Software with a built in, and dynamically generating portfolio of your work. The portfolio is a searchable repository of all of your jobs based on market type of the customer, geo location, manufacturers used for the job, etc.


 Search for a company location(s) by city, county, state or anywhere in the world by company name or company type.

Use the advanced search to search within a radius, use a keyword search or place type and create a grid to use for sales prospecting.

Also use the prospecting tool to search for new contacts and click to add them to the e-manage|ONE database without having to type in their company & address information which saves time and eliminates mistakes.


Leads are created from contact records and are a way to track potential business before you have a scope of work (to start a project) and before you want to start involving other users in your company in the process. Anyone can create a lead record as long as you have access to the contact record.


e-manage|ONE has a robust email system which integrates with MS Outlook. Create Contact groups to send mass emails as individual emails and use our built-in Spam Filter Prevention to keep your emails from showing up as spam. Emails send from your default email address but can also send from a selected smtp account if desired.

Emails are automatically saved to the contact record, an opportunity or project for a complete history. Email functionality includes sending general emails, bulk emails, include attachments, signature(s) with logos, sending to individual recipients, spam filter prevention, auto populated of database contacts in the send to, CC & BCC fields, custom contact groups and mail merge of MS word documents for email blasts.