Managerial Overview of e-manage | ONE (less technical) – April 2016

Managerial overview for non-technical evaluation

e-manage | ONE can manage much of your contract furniture business by compiling lists / generating graphs of live managerial data that you want and need to see.

Lists and graphs in e-manage | ONE are automatically driven by business processes being initiated, processing, or completing.

This overview is a non-technical look at the furniture industry’s most advanced software, e-manage | ONE.

This demonstration also reveals the new look of our modern interface dashboard graphs. e-manage | ONE comes with over 80 pre-built graphs and charts built in and allows you to create your own custom graphs from any data from the over 600 database tables or using one of 1,299 pre-built data views.

Do you have a natural designer in your company? If you do, they will love that e-manage | ONE comes with a powerful report designer application that rivals the functionality of SAP Crystal Reports, at no extra charge.


Pre-Training Kickoff Meeting with New Customer

This is a recorded meeting with a new customer about to go into training where we discuss the higher level features of e-manage | ONE and how they relate to the different departments. We also discuss support and bug fixes.


Watch Our Latest Demonstration March 2016

Now available! March 2016 recording of Live 2nd demonstration for a contract furniture dealership.

In this nearly 2 hour video you will see what sets e-manage | ONE so far above the mere accounting systems that have been your only choice until now. We were very impressed with this potential new customer because of the high caliber questions they asked and how they were engaged in every minute of our time together.


Featured In the Business of Furniture

The buzz is getting around about e-manage | ONE. See the Jan 20, 2016 article about e-manage | ONE in The Business of Furniture magazine published by Below Press. Download the full issue by clicking on the cover below.

Manage Your Business, Don’t Let It Manage You





Even though the office furniture industry is small, it is very complex and has relatively low margins. “The main purpose of technology is to make things easier; to lower your costs of doing business,” Edwards said. 

Getting buy in from your employees – an e-manage | ONE Overview

This is a session recorded with a newly trained customer just about to go live with e-manage | ONE where we go through the end result for their company to make sense of the changes they will be facing and make the transition go smoother.

New BOM Estimating & Quoting Tools

2020 Worksheet OFDA XML Import now available

2020 Worksheet OFDA XML Import now available. Coding and testing is complete for OFDA XML 4.0. The tagging from drawing is automatically brought into the Alias 1 field in the XML. The xml import into e-manage|ONE is a faster import and contains the Group Codes & Group Description.

Skipped Options automatically come in with errors which you are alerted to if you try to process an order and they show on the quote in red so they are easily identified.

Skipped Options

Manufacturer Integration HNI, Kimball, National & Haworth

e-manage|ONE has been working closely with the following manufactures to streamline the process and do it the way it should be done. We have automated the order entry, acknowledgement and invoicing process to free up time so your team so they can focus on doing less business with yourselves and more business with your customers. It has also eliminated any human error from a very manual verification processes.

Automated upload of Purchase Orders, the download and auto reconciliation of vendor acknowledgements to PO’s, and downloads with auto posting of vendor invoices to acknowledgements. Items can be processed individually or in a batch file at one time.

  • HNI
  • Hon
  • Allsteel
  • Paoli
  • Maxon
  • Gunlocke

Automated upload of Purchase of  orders & download and Auto reconciliation of vendor acknowledgements to PO’s.. Items can be processed individually or in a batch file.

  • Kimball
  • National

OFDA XML upload of Purchase of  orders into Lynx & download and Auto reconciliation of vendor acknowledgements to PO’s.. Items can be processed individually or in a batch file.

  • Haworth

Download and Auto reconciliation of vendor acknowledgements to PO’s.. Items can be processed individually or in a batch file. We are also in development with Spacesaver’s new web service which will eliminate the need to to their website and download the acknowledgment(s). You will be able to click a download button in e-manage|ONE and it will download all available acknowledgments automatically.

  • Spacesaver

Neocon 2015



Stephan Edwards from e-manage|ONE heads to Neocon to meet with manufacturers, potential customers and existing customers.