BOM Item Repository

The BOM Item repository is a database driven collection of Bill of Materials items your company uses all the time. Any one that has the application right to “Create and Price Bill of Materials” can now take any items from any BOM, right click on the highlighted items and add them to the repository.

Enhanced BOM Copy & Paste Functionality

Along with what was already possible (the copying and pasting of Options / Phases / and BOM’s), users can now copy items directly from the BOM Item listing…

Dashboard Graphs

Now available in e-manage | ONE is a new Graphical Analysis Module you won’t find in any other software. It comes with over 80 pre-build graphs and if that is not enough, it is totally customizable and we will help you build more.

My Company Documents

My Company Documents is your file server build into e-manage | ONE. Create folders and sub folders as you would on a file server.

Built In Report Designer

Our users are not stuck with canned reports. Every report in e-manage can be customized with our BUILT IN Report Designer


Create your very own project Portfolio just by taking pictures of your project when you are logged into the e-manage|ONE web portal from your mobile device.