New BOM Item Repository

We’re rolling out a new set of features today designed to help our customers be more efficient when creating Bill of Materials for estimating and quoting their customers. The companion feature to this feature is the newly redesigned copy and paste functionality, be sure to watch that video as well. (more information below the video demonstration)

The BOM Item repository is a database driven collection of Bill of Materials items your company uses all the time. Any one that has the application right to “Create and Price Bill of Materials” can now take any items from any BOM  and add them to the repository. Once the items are added to the repository you can add the items to any quote you are working on.

See how your company can be more efficient with this feature.

Enhanced BOM Copy & Paste Functionality

Along with what was already possible (the copying and pasting of Options / Phases / and BOM’s), users can now copy items (Parts) directly from the BOM Item listing and paste them within the same project or any other project’s bill of materials.The copy and paste functionality helps to simplify the estimating process when you are doing options for the same project or want to use Options, Phases, BOM’s or Parts from other projects. Just copy and paste them and you will not have to create new quotes from scratch.

See how the copy and paste functionality works