The Systemcenter, Inc. is the Haworth, KI & Spacesaver dealer for Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. They have been an e-manage|ONE customer for over 13 years. The Systemcenter has been in business since 1976 and is in their second generation business led by Stephan Edwards, President.

The Systemcenter has grown substantially over the years and e-manage|ONE has been a key factor in helping manage the growth said Stephan Edwards. The software helps to manage the business, keeps us extremely organized and simplifies processes resulting in a huge competitive advantage and lowered our cost of doing business. We have been able to do more business with less people and focus more time with our customers. We have been able to create company wide standards and have been able to streamline all kinds of things.

Everything we need is in e-manage | ONE and is available to everyone in our company. There is no loss time looking for documents, files, emails or anything because if it’s not in e-manage, it never happened.

The Systemcenter has taken a proactive approach with e-manage | ONE and implements new functionality as it is released. They recognize what e-manage does for the business and invests the time in e-manage to continue to leverage the technology. They take advantage of all the integrations available to maximize efficiency. Some of these integrations include;

  • Project Matrix Designer and Specifier – The Specifier is integrated into the e-manage | ONE Bill of Materials & Quick Quote Modules so everyone in their company can price product from with e-manage thus saving them huge amounts of time. They do not have to wait for someone else to do it for them. They are also able to option existing parts without leaving the program.
  • QuickBooks Payroll – By using the time clock in e-manage | ONE, they are to push time sheets directly into QuickBooks Payroll and do Direct Deposits to their employees accounts. e-manage automatically calculates all overtime and different pay rates for employees. Stephan likes to brag that his 14 year old daughter can process their payroll.
  • Vendor Integration – They use all the vendor integration they can and make requests of to their other vendors to partner. As you can imagine, it saves them huge amounts time by not having to manually process orders and acknowledgments. It also has helped eliminate gap for potential human error and their people can focus their time and more productive tasks.

Stephan’s contact info:
Stephan Edwards
President, RME
The Systemcenter, Inc.