Why e-manage for Furniture Dealerships

Is your current software everything  you expected it to be? Is it everything you were promised it would be? Was it worth the money you spent (and continue to spend)?

If you can honestly answer yes to all three of these questions, you wouldn’t be here. Lets face it, somewhere in your mind you know there is something you are not getting that e-manage|ONE can give you.

Skip the sales pitch and decide for yourself, and at your own pace, if e-manage | ONE is right for you with our unedited videos.

CLICK HERE to watch our newest (March 7, 2017) and most complete video demonstration yet and see why a 30 year furniture industry veteran told his presenter that he was “the best salesperson he’s ever talked to”

CLICK HERE to experience what the setup of e-manage is really like and see our proven 6 week implementation method with 8+ recorded meetings with different customers and at different stages of implementation. All meetings occurred in 2017.

These videos are  raw / unedited and are rated PG-13 for [SL] Strong Language [FP] Fast Pace

e-manage | ONE is Serious Software for Serious Business

For years the industry has been dominated by software with limited features, cumbersome updating process, and outdated licensing models. Now, you have a choice. e-manage | ONE is not only a native Microsoft .net application for windows but also a feature-rich mobile application for your users and customers that will run on nearly every connected device (iPad, iPhone, laptop, Android tablet or phone). e-manage | ONE utilizes concurrent licensing for the Windows Software and unlimited use of the Mobile Application, so you only spend what you need to. e-manage | ONE distributes updates via Live Update, so there is no uninstalling and re-installing on each computer when an update is released. With our live update, we can fix any bugs reported and “push” an update out within minutes of the report.

Since 2000, we have been quietly building the most robust Contract Office Furniture Dealer Software on the market with features like .sif and XML file CREATION, Project Scheduling and Time Sheets (with overtime calculation and automatic job costing), Outlook Integration, Service and Warranty Management and TRUE Document Management.

e-manage | ONE uses Microsoft SQL Server as it’s back-end database. With a 99.997% up time, you can count on e-manage | ONE to be on and ready when you need it. With the free “Express” version of SQL Server, you can run for 1 to 2 years without having to purchase the back-end database software, depending on the volume of your business. Best of all, we will keep your database up to date without any intervention or costly downtime to your business.

e-manage | ONE uses QuickBooks as its back-end bookkeeping system. Ask your accountant if they would prefer you to be on QuickBooks and if QuickBooks is robust enough to handle your business. We know their answer will be a resounding “Yes”.

Because e-manage | ONE is not trying to be a bookkeeping system but uses the world’s most widely used bookkeeping system, we can concentrate on Sales and Management features that no other software you’ve been pitched can touch.

Our users take advantage of QuickBooks Software features such as online Banking Integration with most US banks, Automated Bank Reconciliations, Online Bill Pay, Payroll Service with Direct Deposit, Check Writing, Credit Card Processing, and Electronic Accountants Copy that you simply send to your accountant and forget. Plus the backing and support of a 4.6 Billion Dollar a Year Company, Intuit!

Recently, it has been reported to us by many of our customers that their growth, this year alone, is 2 to 3 times greater than last year. Yes, we are talking about millions of dollars!

e-manage uses the LATEST technology for Windows and Web, and will always be on the latest Microsoft Technology available. With Microsoft moving to a subscription based model, this makes it more affordable than Oracle based furniture industry accounting systems and Microsoft SQL Server is more reliable than MySQL used by other furniture industry accounting systems.

Our users get support from a live, knowledgeable, friendly software specialist, without having to leave a message and wait for a callback. In 80 – 90 % of support calls, their issue is solved on the FIRST call, even if we need to compile a new version to fix a problem and send it right out in a LIVE UPDATE, requiring no user intervention or uninstalling.

e-manage | ONE is the only software that offers a lease to own option that allows you to pay over 1 year for your software, interest-free.

Business Development


e-manage | ONE starts at the beginning of the business process by generating demand for your company. Create filtered contact groups by market, geolocation, title, department, etc. for use in e-mail marketing or for keeping in touch with existing customers by creating HTML templates for e-mailing. Track the success of these efforts and more with the analytics included in the Marketing Campaign Manager.

Job History Map

The e-manage | ONE prospecting tool generates electronic lists of potential customers by category of business using our built-in Google Search or Yahoo! Directory integrations. These potential customers are added to e-manage without your salespeople or business development staff having to enter them into the system, simply choose to add them as potential customers to e-manage with the click of a button and they are seamlessly and accurately added to your Database.

e-manage | ONE is the only Furniture Dealer Software with a built-in, and dynamically generating, portfolio of your work. While your operations department (or subcontractor) is out on deliveries or installing your customers’ furniture, they can use their mobile phone or tablet to take portfolio pictures of the ongoing, or final, job site that automatically become part of your portfolio. The portfolio is a searchable repository of all your jobs based on the market type of the customer, geolocation, manufacturers used for the job, etc. Salespeople can use their mobile phone or tablet to enter a radius from their current location to show a potential customer the neighboring businesses that have already used your company for their needs and leave them with portfolio pdf documents of the jobs shown.


Easily create a marketing campaign in e-manage|ONE. We make it simple to track the success of the campaign. From leads created, leads to opportunities, and opportunities to jobs. Each step is automatically converting without any user interaction. See your conversion ratio, dollar value and cost per lead in one window.


e-manage|ONE keeps leads at the forefront in one location so they can easily be managed and tracked. Leads are qualified and assigned to a salesperson. Threshold alerts are set by management for inactivity of leads and can be reassigned quickly.

Work Leads from the Leads panel and set appointments, send emails, create notes and more. Leads convert into an opportunity with a click of a button and automatically move from a lead panel into your current opportunities.


The e-manage|ONE prospecting tool is unique and powerful. Search for a company location(s) by city, county, state or anywhere in the world by company name or company type.

Search within a radius, use a keyword search or place type and create a grid to use for sales prospecting.

Also, use the prospecting tool to search for new contacts and click to add them to the e-manage|ONE database without having to type in their company & address information which saves time and eliminates mistakes.


e-manage|ONE has a robust email system build-in which integrates with MS Outlook. Easily create Contact groups in e-manage|ONE to send e-mail blasts and use our built-in Spam Filter Prevention to keep your emails from showing up as spam. Emails are sent from your default email address but can also be sent from a selected smtp account if desired.

Emails are automatically saved to the contact record, an opportunity or project for a complete history. Email functionality includes sending general emails, bulk emails, include attachments, signature(s) with logos, sending to individual recipients, spam filter prevention, auto-populated of database contacts in the send to, CC & BCC fields, custom contact groups and mail merge of MS word documents for email blasts.

Opportunity Management


Manage your opportunities from anywhere, monitor the progress, and use the built-in historical based columns: Close Ratio and Forecast Accuracy, by salesperson, to build meaningful forecast reports.

Easily track open and expired quotes with simple grids that contain all the information your salespeople will need to stay on top of current business opportunities. Both quote grids (active and expired) contain Estimated Cost, Sale, Profit and Margin, Quote Name, Quote Description, plus, your salespeople will see their potential commission values based on each quotes profit margin.

Although e-manage | ONE is Windows-based software, we also include (at no extra charge) a feature-rich web portal, so you can confidently send your salespeople out to customers with just a smartphone or tablet, knowing that they will be able to perform their sales functions and instantly communicate new information to home office without depending on  a laptop.

Salespeople use our innovative “Touch System” (Next Touch Type and Next Touch Date) that automatically add tasks to their e-manage and outlook calendars for each opportunity.

Custom Reports and Included Report Designer


e-manage|ONE keeps track of every open/active opportunity you have. Managers of salespeople see every opportunity listed and salespeople only see their opportunities. Manage opportunities by decision date, set the sales stage & the next touch date and next touch type. 

e-manage|ONE gives you an easy and automated way to track the status of all your opportunities. The status lets you know where the opportunity is in its progress throughout the sales process. For more information see Workflow Action Items.


Because all opportunities are already in the e-manage|ONE database and all estimating is done in e-manage|ONE you can easily view your forecasts at any given time, anywhere on any device. Easily run forecasts that are grouped by salespeople, vendors, markets, customers, City, State or a variety of other criteria.

Create custom formulas in grids for weighted forecasts and create custom reports that can be run in e-manage|ONE with graphs for presentations.


The Project Information page of your opportunity helps your entire team understand the scope of the project, who the project contacts are, the type of influencer they are, which salesperson(s) the opportunity belongs to, along with their sales credit for commissions. Workflow is also determined in project information by setting the project type. Project history is created just by adding a contact to a project. Lookup a contact and see every project they have been a part of.

Project Information


Surveys are fully customizable and tailored to your business. They are based on the project type and are also available via the web portal for use on the job site. Surveys are a series of questions with answers you preconfigure to be used for different functions of your business. Create a job site survey, product survey, customer survey, design survey or your own unique survey.


Document management is a major part of e-manage|ONE and an extremely powerful feature of the program. All documents (emails, CAD files, MS Documents, PFD’s, Pricing files, etc…) are saved to a record in e-manage|ONE. There are documents for projects, Companies, Contacts, Service tickets and more.

Documents cannot be deleted but can be set as current or not current, so the integrity of your archives is maintained. The document previewer allows you to preview the document without the need to download and open it. Versions of edited documents are automatically saved so you can revert to the previous versions if necessary.

e-manage|ONE also has a fill server built into it so you can access company documents from anywhere. Every user has Temporary Documents which is a place documents can be uploaded, but not be part of a record, and can be shared with other users and attached to a record at a later date.


e-manage|ONE workflow is true workflow, which will set efficient policy within your organization from the day you go live. No more, “I didn’t get it.” “I can’t find it.” “I never saw it.” Workflow Action Items cannot be deleted or ignored. Workflow Action Items are user-defined tasks that need to be done in your company by a certain person(s), such as a request for a drawing to be done, an estimate, to invoice for a deposit, process an order, confirm vendor acknowledgments and so on. Workflow Action Items are limitless. Create prerequisites for submission of an Action Item and completion task when completing an Action Item. This helps to streamline your processes and save money by not submitting incomplete requests. Job costs are automatically calculated as Action Items so you have an internal history of the cost of your projects.



The e-manage|ONE Day Planner is a snapshot of what is happening today, last week, this week or next week. In one window you can see what projects were booked today, sales to date grouped by salesperson, installations this week, outstanding punch lists, received today, decision dates this week and more. There is enormous flexibility on how you can use the Day Planner. Use the standard e-manage|ONE day planner Items or create your own custom items with the easy-to-use customizer.


The Time and Materials Budget Tracking is for companies that bill customers for the time and materials used. Our tracker bills the customer at regular intervals for work performed. Create budgets that are tracked and add timesheets. Parts needed and purchase orders can be created within this tool.


If you have projects that require a quick turnaround you can use the Quick Quote function in e-manage|ONE. It allows you to simultaneously start a project and create a price quote in one window. You can also book it and process an order at the same time.

All the functionality in the estimating module is available so you can import pricing files, use auto parts, associated parts, and inventory items.


The estimating module is a robust estimator that gives you multiple options to process and estimate quicker and more accurately. The e-manage|ONE estimating module has a built-in parts catalog, parts can have pictures associated with them, you can set parts to have associated parts that automatically pop up when adding them to an estimate and you can have parts automatically add and calculate on other parts so your team does not forget to include an item and a price for the item. You can create multiple options for estimates and custom descriptions with pictures.


e-manage|ONE has default quote reports with the option of modification through the built-in Telerik report designer. Create profession proposals for your company as a standard. Print them in seconds as all information from the estimate carries over. Email Quotes/Proposals from the viewer directly to your customer, which is automatically saved to the project for your archives and make it accessible to your customer via the customer web portal all at the same time.



Create your own parts catalog. Categorize them, use them for inventory, add pictures to parts, quotes and in the customer web portal catalog for customer orders. Set parts that are associated with other parts which you can manually add, or you can set to automatically add them and automatically calculate costs at the same time.


The e-manage|ONE calendar is integrated with Outlook and works similarly. Create appointments for yourself and send invitations to external recipients or employees. Appointments are automatically saved to the project if selected and the contacts record.

Appointments schedule on mobile devices that are synced with Microsoft Outlook will automatically show up on your e-manage|ONE calendar. If you have permission, you can view other users’ calendars and schedule appointments as well.



Nearly everything you do in e-manage|ONE is automatically saved in the history of the record and cannot be deleted or modified so the integrity of your data is maintained. Items such as documents, notes, appointments, workflow action items, phone messages, service, and others are all automatically saved.

Notes can be set to automatically open when a record is opened to alert the individual opening it what must be acknowledged before proceeding. Use this functionality to alert everyone to key information about a project to avoid internal errors.



e-manage|ONE is here to make doing business with you easier. For your customers but also for your vendors and your selves. We continue to work with our customer’s vendors to integrate e-manage|ONE with them. Furniture dealers and manufacturers have valued this as it streamlines complicated processes and helps to eliminate the human error from your process.

Project Management


Project Management requires continuity between sales and operations as an opportunity is converted to a Booked Order.

Converting opportunities in e-manage |ONE is done by Booking the Order. All existing project information and history are maintained, and the workflow seamlessly flows to the next stage. Confirmations through the process ensure accuracy in orders, acknowledgments, receiving, scheduling, and installation.

A great project can go bad fast if punch lists are not handled properly. Punch lists are immediately identified in the field via any mobile device, automatically processed and tracked so no information falls through the cracks.

Installation Calendar


The e-manage | ONE Inventory Module handles all your inventory needs, from the smallest screw to the most complex inventory items. With unlimited warehouse definitions, e-manage | ONE can keep your biggest warehouse and your service trucks inventoried with the same ease.

Easily transfer inventory between warehouses, reserve inventory for a quote/job. Use electronic acknowledgments from Haworth, HNI Companies, and Spacesaver Corporation to never have to manually acknowledge your order again.

Pictures make inventory management easier, and e-manage | ONE inventory shows you a picture of every item.


Process quotes to orders in the order entry window by booking the quote. The quote is then added to the order for invoicing. Orders that require installation are automatically put into the queue on the installation calendar to be scheduled for installation. Projects are also automatically moved from an active opportunity to an active booked project on the backlog.

e-manage|ONE allows you to create multiple orders for a project. Each order is tracked individually through the process so they can be received, installed and invoiced individually. Job costing is broken down per order and for the entire project.


Purchase Orders are processed for the order in Order Entry. All the information moves to the next step, so there isn’t any additional data entry. Create purchase orders per vendor and by grouping to stagger order dates. Shipping addresses can be set to default to a warehouse or can be manually selected.

Print purchase orders and email them directly to vendors or use the automated xml order entry for vendors who accept xml. Purchase Orders are marked as ordered for confirmation.


e-manage|ONE acknowledgments are to confirm vendor orders. Create multiple acknowledgments for a PO if there are multiple ship dates. This facilitates tracking what shipped so you can receive the items in the receiving module, deliver/install what was received if necessary and apply the vendor invoice to the acknowledgment for the shipped items and invoice.

All vendor associated invoices are applied to the acknowledgment. By doing this, e-manage|ONE automatically tracks PO’s that have not been fully acknowledged by your vendor and Vendor invoices you have not received from your vendor. These features help to ensure that you are not missing anything from your order and that you have not been invoiced for the items yet.


e-manage|ONE has a calendar for the scheduling of installation. The calendar can be viewed as a standard calendar or as a map so you can visually see where your installations are for the selected time period.

Drag & drop orders onto the calendar from the queue. Installations events on the calendar are color-coded by type for easy viewing. General instructions can be entered, assign internal resources, subcontractors if necessary, items to install and assets. Scheduled orders automatically show up in the Schedule for Installation, so salespeople and other team members know what is being installed and when.

Items to install come from PO’s or acknowledgments and when added create a picklist with the location of the items to pull and the truck to load. A work order is generated with the options to show project contacts, installer(s) assigned, scope of work, the general description, subcontractors assigned, punch list form and a map showing the installation location.


Receive products that have been acknowledged. You can set the location of the items in one or multiple warehouses. You can print a receiver ticket for warehouse personal or use the web portal and do the same on a mobile device. You can also receive the product directly at the job site with the web portal.

Once the product is received it moves from acknowledged to received, so the salesperson and other team members know what has arrived.


External users, such as installers, clock in using the mobile time clock via the web portal. e-manage|ONE automatically creates a timesheet per person and logs their cost to the project for job costing.

All employees using the mobile time clock are viewable on the time clock map. The time clock map uses Google maps and shows every clocked in employee, and their distance to the installation location.


Most costing processes are automatically processed in e-manage|ONE. E-manage’s job costing function will provide you an amazingly accurate job cost, and final profit report per order and per project. All vendor costs are applied when received, misc. incidental costs are applied, labor is automatically applied via the time clock and internal labor costs are also compiled.

Internal costs are automatically compiled. Just by opening a window e-manage|ONE creates an internal timesheet of users on each e-manage section. The internal user costs come from the users’ record in the e-manage|ONE Human Resources module.


Punch lists are caught and noted when receiving product in the warehouse and/or at the job site on the receiving ticket or the work order. Marking the project as Hot and noting the reason puts the project into the Hot Jobs list so they are not lost. An alert automatically pops up alerting the person opening the project to the Hot Job status. Once the punch list is complete the Hot Job-status is removed.

A punch list can be created in the field using the web portal. A picture can be attached to the project and a punch list action item created immediately which pops up on the computer(s) of the person(s) responsible. The punch list action item is automatically tied to the project and cannot be ignored, deleted or modified.


The e-manage|ONE includes, without any additional cost, a web portal for your users and customers. Users can access contacts and project information, calendars, maps, receive products, use the time clock, run reports, email, create quotes and other desktop functionalities. 

The customer web portal allows your customers to access limited project information they are part of. They can see active and completed projects and documents and notes you make customer viewable. They can start new projects, upload documents, create notes and request service. All customer actions send alerts in e-manage|ONE to the responsible person on your team.

Customers can also order from your e-manage|ONE web catalog. Catalog items have pictures and are added to a shopping cart. Any order placed automatically sends an alert in e-manage|ONE to the responsible person on your team

Our users receive the product from acknowledgments via the included e-manage | ONE web portal on any Apple, Android or Windows device with an internet connection into Bin Locations. Product received integrates with the Installation / Implementation Calendar so they never arrive at a job-site without all of the product being received. Pallet Labels have all of the important information about the project to be placed on the shelf with the product. Pick Lists allow our users to plan their truck loading and line by line instructions on work orders convey important installation information to the work crew when necessary.

Document Management

Our users never search for documents on a file server, endlessly clicking sub folders to find the right document. All documents are part of the record (customer, vendor, contact, opportunity, project, service record) and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection and on any Apple, Android, or Windows Device. e-manage | ONE stores your electronic documents inside of the database, not just a shortcut to a file somewhere on your file server, so there are never any broken links when trying to open a document from outside of your network.

Document Management

User specific temporary documents section allow our users to store in-process documents (or any document that is not associated with a record) privately or for sharing and collaboration with other users.

Strict security for documents stored in e-manage | ONE keeps prying eyes from documents, individually, not meant for certain users even when they have access to the record the document is stored against.

MY Company Documents is a built in virtual file server where general electronic documents are stored for all users based on security level from any Apple, Android or Windows Device and an internet connection. Store your Manufacturers’ Literature, Contracts, Price Lists, Software Installation Files, etc. in one repository.

Human Resources


e-manage|ONE includes a full Human Resource Module to manage your employees include features such as Employee Reviews, PTO Accrual, Emergency Contacts, Assigned Assets, Notes, Employee Documents and more.

e-manage|ONE IS the only system with Time Sheets / Job Costing / Overtime Calculations built-in. Timesheets can be sent to QuickBooks, or an ADP / Paychex file can be generated for upload into those systems.


The e-manage|ONE Employee Manager is where you enter all your employees’ general information as well as their Pay Rates, Employee Notes, Emergency Contacts, Issued Assets, and Employee Documents.

Enter in detailed information about your employee such as their Title, Supervisor, if they are a Sales Person, Installer or Service Technician, Accrual Start, Sick Days / Month, PTO Days / Month, Base PTO, Location and Time Zone, Hire Date, Last Review, Review Frequency, OT Type, Employee Picture, Address and more.

Handle multiple pay schedules for Prevailing Wage, Overnight, Weekend Work or any other variation with separate pay and cost rates. Each pay schedule has an actual cost which is automatically costed to the job the employee works on without having to create manual timesheets.


Create reviews for employees which automatically show up in a list of Upcoming Reviews. Set a review period and other optional items, Target Raise %, Raise Amount, Raise, Bonus, Final Review Date and see the Review %.

View employee Review Period Absences for a complete history as you are reviewing your employee.

Create customized Goals for individuals that are weighted and report the results, rate them, set their Priority and have them Carry Over or not.


e-manage | ONE IS the only system with Time Sheets / Job Costing / Overtime Calculations built-in.

Time entry methods include: Built-in time clock for internal users, Mobile Time Clock (with geocoding) for installers, on-site designers and Project Managers and automatic processing from Installation / Implementation / Service Calendar.

Timesheets can be sent to QuickBooks, or an ADP / Paychex file can be generated for upload into those systems.



Geocoding timesheets allows our users to “see” where their people were (in relation to the job they are working on) when they clock in, clock out for lunch, clock in from lunch, and clock out. Drive Time timesheets are also available and can carry a different cost than regular timesheets.


Log and keep track of your employees time off from work. Log the Time Off Type, if it is paid, Number of Day Out and the Reason.


Review timesheets before exporting. Timesheets can be sent to QuickBooks, or an ADP / Paychex file can be generated for upload into those systems.


You can run any of the following e-manage|ONE reports, can create an alternative to a canned report or create a totally customized report that can be run from within e-manage|ONE.

Payroll Report

Overtime Report

Absence Report

Project Man Hour Report

Birthday / Work Anniversary Report


E-manage | ONE includes a Safety Training Module for companies that require it or companies that would like to include it. We include some standard safety training items but you can use the Safety Training Configurator to add new items or edit existing ones. Set the starting date and the next date and e-manage will keep track of all the completed training.

Built In Report Designer

Our users are not stuck with canned reports. Every report in e-manage can be customized with our BUILT IN Report Designer (or we can customize for them). Create unlimited alternatives to our canned reports or create brand new add-in reports that can be run from within e-manage | ONE. Create as complex of a report as necessary using extended parameters with no limits. Our built in report designer can create graphs, charts, maps or any other special object necessary.

Report Designer

Graphical Analysis

e-manage|ONE has a variety of graphical dashboards, grids and reports that are standard to help you better track and manage your business. The included dashboards can be customized on your own to your liking or you can create brand new dashboards from scratch with the included Graph Configuration Tool. You can group graphs in Graph Books to easily organize them. Use included Graph Book or create your own Graph Books for your company or for yourself.

Screenshot (6)

Graphs can be set to have side by side comparisons so you can analyze Year To Date performance.

Screenshot (3)

Custom, Custom, Custom

e-manage | ONE is customizable, so our users are not paying for endless customizations, they’re built right into the system and available from day one.