Why e-manage for Furniture Dealerships

Is your current software everything  you expected it to be? Is it everything you were promised it would be? Was it worth the money you spent (and continue to spend)?

If you can honestly answer yes to all three of these questions, you wouldn’t be here. Lets face it, somewhere in your mind you know there is something you are not getting that e-manage|ONE can give you.

Skip the sales pitch and decide for yourself, and at your own pace, if e-manage | ONE is right for you with our unedited videos.

CLICK HERE to watch our newest (March 7, 2017) and most complete video demonstration yet and see why a 30 year furniture industry veteran told his presenter that he was “the best salesperson he’s ever talked to”

CLICK HERE to experience what the setup of e-manage is really like and see our proven 6 week implementation method with 8+ recorded meetings with different customers and at different stages of implementation. All meetings occurred in 2017.

These videos are  raw / unedited and are rated PG-13 for [SL] Strong Language [FP] Fast Pace

e-manage | ONE is Serious Software for Serious Business

For years the industry has been dominated by software with limited features, cumbersome updating process, and outdated licensing models. Now, you have a choice. e-manage | ONE is not only a native Microsoft .net application for windows, but also a feature rich mobile application for your users and customers that will run on nearly every connected device (iPad, iPhone, laptop, Android table or phone). e-manage | ONE utilizes concurrent licensing for the Windows Software and unlimited use of the Mobile Application, so you only spend what you need to. e-manage | ONE distributes updates via Live Update, so there is no uninstalling and re-installing on each computer when an update is released. With our live update, we can fix any bugs reported and “push” an update out within minutes of the report.

Since 2000, we have been quietly building the most robust Contract Office Furniture Dealer Software on the market with features like .sif and XML file CREATION, Project Scheduling and Time Sheets (with overtime calculation and automatic job costing), Outlook Integration, Service and Warranty Management and TRUE Document Management.

e-manage | ONE uses Microsoft SQL Server as it’s back end database. With a 99.997% up time, you can count on e-manage | ONE to be on and ready when you need it. With the free “Express” version of SQL Server, you can run for 1 to 2 years without having to purchase the back end database software, depending on the volume of your business. Best of all, we will keep your database up to date without any intervention or costly downtime to your business.

e-manage | ONE uses QuickBooks as its back end bookkeeping system. Ask your accountant if they would prefer you to be on QuickBooks and if QuickBooks is robust enough to handle your business. We know their answer will be a resounding “Yes”.

Because e-manage | ONE is not trying to be a bookkeeping system, but uses the world’s most widely used bookkeeping system, we can concentrate on Sales and Management features that no other software you’ve been pitched can touch.

Our users take advantage of QuickBooks Software features such as On-Line Banking Integration with most US banks, Automated Bank Reconciliations, On-Line Bill Pay, Payroll Service with Direct Deposit, Check Writing, Credit Card Processing, and Electronic Accountants Copy that you simply send to your accountant and forget. Plus the backing and support of a 4.6 Billion Dollar a Year Company, Intuit!

Recently, it has been reported to us by many of our customers that their growth, this year alone, is 2 to 3 time greater than last year. Yes, we are talking about millions of dollars!

e-manage uses the LATEST technology for Windows and Web, and will always be on the latest Microsoft Technology available. With Microsoft moving to a subscription based model, this makes it more affordable than Oracle based furniture industry accounting systems and Microsoft SQL Server is more reliable than MySQL used by other furniture industry accounting systems.

Our users get support from a live, knowledgeable, friendly software specialist, without having to leave a message and wait for a call back. In 80 – 90 % of support calls, their issue is solved on the FIRST call, even if we need to compile a new version to fix a problem and send it right out in a LIVE UPDATE, requiring no user intervention or uninstalling.

For less than $1 per calendar day, per user, our users get this level of support and any new modules / bug fixes / web portal updates.

e-manage | ONE is the only software that offers a lease to own option that allows you to pay over 1 year for your software, interest free.

Business Development

Automatically build your searchable portfolio of work, while doing the work, and see your jobs on a map while you’re out with a potential customer (with any Apple, Android, or Windows device). Leave your potential customers with a few cut sheets of your work, and land the sale.

Job History Map

Our users involve their customers in nearly every aspect of the process. e-manage | ONE comes with a customer web portal where their customers can start large projects, order product they have made available, upload documents that are too big to e-mail, download documents they have made customer viewable, send notes to any department, view their statements, invoices, acknowledgments, installation dates, etc.

Our users enjoy Prospecting powered by Google PlaceFinder and Yahoo! LocalSearch, allowing them to find any company listed on google and automatically enter them as a prospect / customer / vendor with one click. Search for companies based on their industry, by name, address, etc.

Opportunity Management

Our users have an always up to date, fluid list of current opportunities at their fingertips. Salespeople see only the opportunities that they are a part of, their managers see all current opportunities for those they manage. In this list, is the important information they need to manage the probability, decision dates, status, and a variable estimated margin and value. Salespeople set a next touch type and date to hit their mark on every opportunity, automatically added to their individual calendar.

Our users create beautiful, customizable quotes and easily change profit margin, discount from list, or markup values or sales price for one or multiple items at a time. e-manage | ONE supports .sif and OFDA XML Importing (from 20/20 Worksheet, Project Spec, Configura, CET Designer) / Exporting  (e-manage | ONE can create .sif and xml files for any manufacturer). Salespeople have built in lists to manage their active and expired quotes.

Custom Reports and Included Report Designer

Our users create their own customizable work flow for each project type and can stop work flow dead in its tracks when a customer gets put on credit hold. Workflow items are automatically delivered to groups and can be analyzed for bottlenecks on the fly.

Our users see the true overhead cost of opportunities / projects with our exclusive AUTOMATED per user costing for each opportunity / project. They see overhead cost not only on the jobs they get, but the jobs they don’t get, giving them real perspective on each user / departmental efficiency. There are no time sheets to create, e-manage | ONE simply tracks every users’ time spent on each record.

Our users track every person involved in the project with the e-manage | ONE Team Member assignments that can be filtered and grouped everywhere opportunities and projects are listed.

Project Information

Our users track their competition on public bids and can instantly compile the difference in percentage between their bid price and their competitors’ bid price for any period of time.

Our users have integrated Outlook capability built in that synchronizes their calendar, e-mail and contacts between the two systems.

Our users can send any document(s), created by e-manage | ONE or created outside of e-manage | ONE via Outlook using the Outlook Integration and all e-mails show in their sent items and are saved against the record(s) involved. This includes Customer Quotes, Surveys, Acknowledgments, etc.

Project Management

Our users book their orders, take deposits, create customer acknowledgments and packing slips with a couple clicks of the mouse. They also fluidly move items between orders for separate Bill To’s and Customer Purchase Order Numbers, or for those Direct Bill projects with multiple manufacturers involved.

Our users see a complete and fluid listing of all booked orders with backlog dollar amount, booking credit (for direct bill orders), Order Total, Unbilled Cost, Unpaid Bills, Current Receivables, Deposits, Credits, and Received Payments. Along with these essential values, is also a listing of all acknowledgments by manufacturer with ship and received dates.

Our users enjoy a drag and drop Installation / Implementation calendar with customizable work orders. All booked orders requiring some sort of scheduling are listed for the operations department to set preliminary and hard schedule dates based on the manufacturers’ acknowledged ship / received dates. Our built in mapping technology allows our users to view any number of installations on a map.

Installation Calendar

Our users have no need to close a month and back out WIP. e-manage | ONE automates the WIP function on the payables coming in from Vendors and when Invoicing their customers.

e-manage | ONE integrates with all HNI Companies Electronic Ordering Systems for sending orders, downloads and automatically processes acknowledgments and downloads and automatically creates payables from invoices. Kimball / National OrderXChange Plus integration sends orders and downloads and automatically processes acknowledgments. Haworth Lynx integration allows users to create one XML file for multiple orders for upload to Lynx and processes XML acknowledgments. e-manage | ONE also integrates with Spacesaver Corporation to electronically download and process acknowledgments.

A filterable job history map is also available (Windows Desktop and Web) to show where they have done work / what work they have done and for whom they have done the work.

Installation Map, Time Clock Map, Job History Map

Our users receive product from acknowledgments via the included e-manage | ONE web portal on any Apple, Android or Windows device with an internet connection into Bin Locations. Product received integrates with the Installation / Implementation Calendar so they never arrive at a job-site without all of the product being received. Pallet Labels have all of the important information about the project to be placed on the shelf with the product. Pick Lists allow our users to plan their truck loading and line by line instructions on work orders convey important installation information to the work crew when necessary.

Document Management

Our users never search for documents on a file server, endlessly clicking sub folders to find the right document. All documents are part of the record (customer, vendor, contact, opportunity, project, service record) and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection and on any Apple, Android, or Windows Device. e-manage | ONE stores your electronic documents inside of the database, not just a shortcut to a file somewhere on your file server, so there are never any broken links when trying to open a document from outside of your network.

Document Management

User specific temporary documents section allow our users to store in-process documents (or any document that is not associated with a record) privately or for sharing and collaboration with other users.

Strict security for documents stored in e-manage | ONE keeps prying eyes from documents, individually, not meant for certain users even when they have access to the record the document is stored against.

MY Company Documents is a built in virtual file server where general electronic documents are stored for all users based on security level from any Apple, Android or Windows Device and an internet connection. Store your Manufacturers’ Literature, Contracts, Price Lists, Software Installation Files, etc. in one repository.

Human Resources

e-manage | ONE IS the only system with Time Sheets / Job Costing / Overtime Calculations built in.

Time entry methods include: Built in time clock for internal users, Mobile Time Clock (with geocoding) for installers, on-site designers and Project Managers and automatic processing from Installation / Implementation / Service Calendar.

Time sheets can be sent to QuickBooks, or an ADP / Paychex file can be generated for upload into those systems.

Geocoding time sheets allows our users to “see” where their people were (in relation to the job they are working on) when they clock in, clock out for lunch, clock in from lunch, and clock out. Drive Time time sheets are also available and can carry a different cost than regular time sheets.

Handle multiple pay schedules for Prevailing Wage, Overnight, Weekend Work or any other variation with separate pay and cost rates.


Time Clock


Built In Report Designer

Our users are not stuck with canned reports. Every report in e-manage can be customized with our BUILT IN Report Designer (or we can customize for them). Create unlimited alternatives to our canned reports or create brand new add-in reports that can be run from within e-manage | ONE. Create as complex of a report as necessary using extended parameters with no limits. Our built in report designer can create graphs, charts, maps or any other special object necessary.

Report Designer

Graphical Analysis

e-manage|ONE has a variety of graphical dashboards, grids and reports that are standard to help you better track and manage your business. The included dashboards can be customized on your own to your liking or you can create brand new dashboards from scratch with the included Graph Configuration Tool. You can group graphs in Graph Books to easily organize them. Use included Graph Book or create your own Graph Books for your company or for yourself.

Screenshot (6)

Graphs can be set to have side by side comparisons so you can analyze Year To Date performance.

Screenshot (3)

Custom, Custom, Custom

e-manage | ONE is customizable, so our users are not paying for endless customizations, they’re built right into the system and available from day one.