Create A Lead Record

Watch how to create a lead record for a contact.

Processing a Customer Order

This is a short video demonstration on processing a customer order once a customer accepts the quote.

Associated Parts Configuration

Associated Parts are items that can automatically and conditionally add to your estimate and auto calculate based on other items on the estimate.

Prospecting in e-manage|ONE

This is a short 15 minute video demonstration of how to use the new Prospecting in e-manageONE to add customers / potential customers to your database and to build call sheets of companies you are targeting for new business.

Telerik Reports Training

This is an hour and a half video training on how to redesign our reports as alternatives and use them in e-manage | ONE.

Herman Miller Quoting Tool

This is a short almost 7 minute recording of a live meeting with a Herman Miller dealer…

Marketing Campaigns

Track the success of your Marketing Campaigns right in e-manage | ONE. See how well Marketing Campaigns have performed by viewing the conversions and the costs from a lead to an order with a Job being booked.

Direct Bill Projects

For GSA and Direct Bill Jobs, we have added new functionality to automate this process as much as possible.

BOM Item Repository

The BOM Item repository is a database driven collection of Bill of Materials items your company uses all the time. Any one that has the application right to “Create and Price Bill of Materials” can now take any items from any BOM, right click on the highlighted items and add them to the repository.