• Is e-manage|ONE only for small businesses?

    e-manage|ONE works great for small business and works even better for larger businesses. We will support businesses with annual sales revenue up to $500 million.

  • How long has e-manage|ONE been around?

    e-manage|ONE has been available and in use since 2000.

  • Is e-manage|ONE Furniture Industry Specific?

    e-manage|ONE is Industry Specific, but not Industry Exclusive.  e-manage|ONE imports and exports industry file types, such as .SIF & .XML, and has partnered with Major office furniture manufacturers to link e-manage|ONE directly to the manufacturer’s ordering systems.  Since e-manage|ONE’s frame work is built around business best practices, many other industries can also leverage its power.

  • Is e-manage|ONE an accounting system?

    e-manage|ONE in not an accounting system, but seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks.  e-manage|ONE  acts as a business’s bookkeeper by processing accounting data and automatically uploading the data into QuickBooks.   QuickBooks is primarily used as a General Ledger.  e-manage|ONE  will even generate the reports required to run a business.    

  • Can you make custom reports?

    Yes, e-manage|ONE  includes a custom report designer that allows users to modify existing reports and create completely new reports which you can run from inside of e-manage|ONE

  • Does e-manage|ONE include CRM?

    e-manage|ONE does include CRM.  e-manage|ONE CRM includes Marketing Campaign tracking, Prospecting Tool, Leads Tracking, Customer Touches, Dashboards and reporting for your sales activity.

  • Do I have to buy other add-on modules such as the customer and user web portals?

    No, everything is included and there are no add-on modules that have to be purchased. Hence the name e-manage|ONE, ONE system to run the entire business.

  • How does e-manage | ONE help my salespeople make more sales?

    The Portfolio is a simple tool that creates Case Studies/ Portfolios of your projects.  The Portfolio incorporates installation pictures and generates a clean, professional document that you can email to perspective customers.  The purpose of the Portfolio is to showcase installations and help dealerships win more business. 

  • Does e-manage | ONE handle my Time Sheets / Labor Costing and does it calculate overtime?

    Yes, e-manage|ONE automatically calculates all overtime and can handle multiple pay rates such as prevailing wages.

  • Does e-manage|ONE have an installation scheduler?

    Yes, once a project is booked it automatically shows up in a list of orders needing to be scheduled on the Installation calendar. Drag and drop onto the calendar to schedule, assign installers, add items for the delivery ticket and print the work order and pick list.

  • Does e-manage|ONE include document management?

    Yes, e-manage|ONE  has a very robust document management system. Drawings, quotes, emails, and any document is attached and saved to the Project for easy accessibility. E-manage|ONE even has a built in file server so all documents can be accessed from anywhere you have internet access. Documents are added to the database and not just links to a file server. This means you have access to all your documents from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Does e-manage|ONE handle internal and external job costing?

    Yes, e-manage|ONE handles both internal and external job costing.  Internal job cost is tracked both passively, anytime someone logs into e-manage, and actively, when employees log in and out of projects.  External cost, such as manufacturer invoices, 3rd party installation companies, etc…, get posted to each project.  These built in job costing features give companies a clear understanding of job cost whether not a project was won or lost. 

  • What is the Day Planner

    e-manage|ONE  helps users stay on task and focus on what’s important through use of the Day Planner.  The Day Planner is a quick snapshot of all of the Task, Projects, Installations, Invoices, etc…, that need to get done that day/ week.  The Day Planner is completely customizable to fit each user or groups needs.

  • How are new and potential customers get added to e-manage and how does e-manage Prevent Duplication?

    The Prospecting tool uses Google Maps to search for prospects or companies you want to add to your database. For example, the Prospecting tool can search on broad terms like “Banks” and give you a list of all the banks in a geographic area.  Or, the Prospecting tool can search for a specific bank on a specific street/ zip code.  Once the search results are generated, one simply adds that company to e-manage |ONE with a click. 

  • Are there dashboards?

    Yes, e-manage|ONE over 80 standard graphs included consisting of owner dashboards, sales dashboards, operations dashboards, and accounting dashboards.  e-manage|ONE turns data into graphical representations that are easy to understand and interpreted.    The dashboards can be viewed in the desk top application, the web portal and on Apple and Android devices. There is also a configurator included for you to customized existing graphs or create brand new ones.

  • Is e-manage|ONE in the cloud?

    We offer an on-premise option and a cloud option. For the on-prem option, e-manage|ONE uses Microsoft sql server database, which is accessible from anywhere you have internet connection. You can house the database on your server or on a remote cloud server of your choice. If you choose our cloud option we will host and maintain your database on our Microsoft Azure cloud server. 

  • Does e-manage|ONE have inventory and/or warehousing?

    Yes, e-manage|ONE handles both inventory and warehousing.

  • Is there an asset manager included?

    Yes, assets can be assigned to users, customers and to installations.

  • Does e-manage|ONE include proposal generation?

    Yes, you can use our default quote report or design your very own customer proposal templates with picture and custom settings. You can also create customize proposals for specific customers or types of projects.

  • Is e-manage|ONE only a work order system?

    e-manage|ONE is much more than just a work order system. E-manage|ONE runs your entire business in ONE system. With that being said, we do pride ourselves on the fact that we have put an extreme amount of effort into the more difficult areas of managing a furniture dealership. e-manage|ONE’s built-in workflow process sets policy & enforces accountability to make processing an opportunity from quote to cash seamless!

  • Does e-manage|ONE include project management?

    Yes, and it has a very robust workflow / process management system to ensure project tasks are completed and move along. Every step is tracked throughout the project lifecycle for complete history and automatically updates the project status as work is completed.

  • How long does it take to implement e-manage|ONE?

    The implementation of e-manageONE requires a strong commitment from our customers. We strive to get you up and running as quickly as possible, and typically the implementation process can be completed in as little as 3 weeks. As part of the process, we provide 1 week of onsite training to ensure your team is familiar with the software and its functionalities. Following the initial training, you will have a dedicated trainer available for the next 6-8 weeks, who will provide ongoing support and additional training as needed. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and maximize your success with e-manage|ONE.