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    Track KPI’s, Analyze Personnel & Processes


e-manage|ONE includes hundreds of reports as part of its software package. When a report is in e-manage|ONE you can easily e-mail it while it being saved to the project its from. Reports are saved by default to PDF but can be downloaded to your hard drive as MS Word or Excel files.


e-manage|ONE includes Telerik’s custom report designer to give your business the power to modify any of our standard reports and use them as alternates or create your own custom reports and use them within e-manage|ONE. You can assign security rights to your custom reports using the e-manage|ONE user’s rights profile configurator in the e-manage|ONE Administrator.


The Graphical Analysis Module gives the information to develop your business strategy. It comes with over 80 pre-build graphs and is completely customizable with the Graph Configuration Tool. We will help you build any visual data you need.

You can also categorize graphs to be organized how you want them. Graphs can be set by default to include comparisons to see side by side detailed information.


 e-manage|ONE allows your own custom queries which load in a grid for real-time viewing. Grids layouts can be modified and saved with security as favorites and can also be exported to Excel.


e-manage|ONE gives you the most accurate Job Costing with automated functionality that does not require any interaction.  Costs are compiled from the very beginning at the business development stage through the opportunity management to the project completion.

e-manage|ONE tracks all your user activity on a project with no user input. Actual employee costs are compiled using the employee’s actual cost from the e-manage|ONE Employee Manager located in the Human Resource Module.


The e-manage|ONE integration is seamless and allows you to do things a typical accounting system wouldn’t. All deposits, receivables, payables and payments process directly into QuickBooks as well as payroll and commissions if you use QuickBooks Payroll.

Even though 90% of the accounting is done in e-manage|ONE we are integrated with the largest, most popular and easiest accounting system. Because of QuickBooks size and popularity it makes it easier to find people with experience on that platform. 

You can manage multiple companies in e-manage|ONE, sharing resources that e-manage|ONE processes automatically to the appropriate QuickBooks company file.


Keep track of all company assets by Corporate Division, Asset Division and Asset Type. Assets can be issued to employees, companies and projects. Issued assets include the issued quantity, issued date, due back date and the condition. When adding an asset to the Asset Manager you can list all pertinent information such as the make, model, serial number, purchase date, extended warranty purchased, the last service date, service intervals and next service date.

Truck asset types are available on the installation calendar to assign a truck for installation and delivery. 

 Job History, Installation & Installer Maps

There are three maps in e-manage|ONE. A google map of every completed project, installations scheduled and operations employees. 

You can use the Job History map via the e-manage|ONE web portal on any device to view installations nearby. You can also use it as a prospecting tool as our pool company clients do to see every home that has a pool nearby when they use the satellite map view.


The Administrator is the control center for e-manage|ONE. Create users with the wizard and assign user rights to profiles such as salespeople, admin, design or operations. Create commission plans and assign them. Manage all e-manage|ONE drop-down lists throughout the program. Create and manage workflow action items and more.

The e-manage|ONE Administrator allows you to integrate new employees quickly and disable user access to terminated employees with one click.