• Project Management

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Project Management

Project Management requires continuity between sales and operations as an opportunity is converted to a Booked Order.

Converting opportunities in e-manage |ONE is done by Booking the Order. All existing project information and history is maintained and the workflow evolves for the next stage. Confirmations through the process ensures accuracy in orders, acknowledgements, receiving, scheduling and installation.

A great project can go bad really fast if punch lists are not handled properly. Punch lists are immediately identified in the field via any mobile device, automatically processed and tracked so nothing falls through the cracks.


The e-manage | ONE Inventory Module handles all of your inventory needs from the smallest screw to the most complex inventory items. With unlimited warehouse definitions, e-manage | ONE can keep your biggest warehouse and your service trucks inventoried with the same small effort.

Easily transfer inventory between warehouses, Reserve inventory for a quote / job, Use electronic acknowledgments from Haworth, HNI Companies, and Spacesaver Corporation and never manually acknowledge your order again.

Pictures make any inventory management easier, and e-manage | ONE inventory shows you a picture of the item at every turn.

Order Entry

Process quotes to orders in the order entry window by booking the quote. The quote is added to the order for invoicing. Orders that require an installation are automatically put into the queue on the installation calendar to be scheduled for installation. Projects are also automatically moved from an active opportunity to a active booked project on the backlog.

e-manage|ONE allows you to create multiple orders for a project. Each order is tracked individually through the process so they can be received, installed and invoiced individually. Job costing is broken down per order and for the entire project.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are processed for the order in Order Entry. everything moves to the next step so there isn’t any additional data entry. Create purchase order per Vendor and by grouping to stagger order dates. Shipping addresses can be set to default to a warehouse or can chosen.

Print purchase orders and email directly to vendors or use the automated xml order entry for vendors who accept xml. Purchase Orders are marked as ordered for confirmation.

Acknowledgements & Costing

e-manage|ONE acknowledgements are to confirm vendor orders. Create multiple acknowledgements for a PO if there are multiple ship dates. This help you better track what actually shipped so you can receive the items in the receiving module, deliver/install what was received if necessary, apply the vendor invoice to the acknowledgement for the shipped items and invoice.

All vendor invoices associated are applied to the acknowledgement. By doing this e-manage|ONE automatically tracks PO’s that have not been fully acknowledged by your vendor and Vendor invoices you have not received from your vendor. These features help to ensure that you are not missing anything from your order and that you have not been invoiced for the items yet.


e-manage|ONE has a calendar specifically for the scheduling of installation. The calendar can be viewed as a standard calendar or as map so you can see visually where your installations are for a select time period.

Drag & drop orders onto the calendar from the queue. Installations events on the calendar are color coded by type for easy viewing. General instructions can be entered. Assign internal resources, subcontractors if necessary, items to install and assets. Schedule orders automatically show up in the Schedule for Installation so sales people and other team members know what is installing and when.

Items to install come from PO’s or acknowledgements and when added create a pick list with the location of the items to pull and the truck to load. A work order is generated with the options to show, project contacts, installer(s) assigned, scope of work, the general description, subcontractors assigned, punch list form and map showing the installation location.


Receive product that has been acknowledged. You can set the location of the items in a one or multiple warehouses. You can print a receiver ticket for warehouse personal or us the web portal and receive item on a tablet or other mobile device. You can also receive product directly at the jobsite with the web portal.

Once product is received it moves from acknowledged to received so the sales person and other team members know what has arrived.

Mobile Time Clock

External users such as installers clock in using the mobile time clock via the web portal. Installers clock into the project they are working on. e-manage|ONE automatically creates a time sheets per person and logs their cost to the project for job costing.

All employees using the mobile time clock are viewable on the time clock map. The time clock map uses Google maps and show every clocked in employee and their distance to the installation location.

Job Costing/Internal Costs

Most costing processes are automatically processed due to the fact the everything is being done in e-manage|ONE. You will have an amazingly accurate job cost and final profit report per order and per project. All vendor costs are applied when received, misc. incidental costs are applied, labor is automatically applied via the time clock and internal labor costs are also compiled.

Internal costs are automatically compile with no user requirement to do anything. Just by opening a window e-manage|ONE creates an internal time sheet of users and closes and open a new time sheet users switch from one window to another. The internal user cost comes from the users record in the e-manage|ONE Human Resources module.

Punch List

Punch lists are caught and noted when receiving product in the warehouse and/or at the jobsite on the receiving ticket or the work order. Marking the project as Hot and noting the reason puts the project into the Hot Jobs list so they are not lost. An alert automatically pops up alerting the person opening the project to the Hot Job status and reason when the project is opened. Once the punch list is complete the Hot Job status is removed.

A punch list can be created in the field using the web portal. A picture can be attached to the project and a punch list action item created immediately which pops up on the computer(s) of the person(s) responsible. The punch list action item is automatically type to the project and cannot be ignored, delete or modified.

Web Portal (Customer/User)

The e-manage|ONE includes, without any additional cost, a web portal for your users and customers. Users can access contacts and project information, calendars, maps, receive product use the time clock, run reports, email, create quotes and do almost what the desktop application does.

The customer web portal allows your customers to access limited project information they are part of. They can see active and completed projects and documents and notes you make customer viewable. They can start new projects, upload documents, create notes and request service. All customer actions send alerts in e-manage|ONE to the responsible person on your team.

Customers can also order from your e-manage|ONE web catalog. Catalog items have pictures and are added to a shopping cart. Any order placed automatically sends an alert in e-manage|ONE to the responsible person on your team

Workflow Action Items

e-manage|ONE workflow is true workflow which will set policy within your organization the day you go live. No more, I didn’t get it, I can’t find it, I never saw it and so. Workflow Action Items cannot be deleted or ignored. Workflow Action Items are user defined tasks that need to be done in your company by a certain person(s) such as a request for a drawing to be done, an estimate, to invoice for a deposit, process an order, confirm vendor acknowledgements and so on. Workflow Action Items are limitless. Create prerequisites for submission of an Action Item(s) and completion task(s) when completing an Action Items. This helps to streamline your processes and save money by not submitting/completing incomplete requests.

Jobs costs is automatically calculated as Action Items are opened and closed so you have a internal history and cost of your projects.

Project History

Just about everything you do in e-manage|ONE is automatically save in the history of the record and cannot not be deleted or modified so the integrity of your data is maintained. Items such as documents, notes, appointments, workflow action items, phone messages, service and more are all automatically saved.

Notes can be set to automatically pop up and open when a record is open to alert any individual opening it which has to be acknowledge before proceed on. Use this functionality to alert everyone to key information about a project so it is not missed.