Manage Your Opportunities From Anywhere


The Day Planner is a snapshot of what is important today, this week, last week or next week. In one window you can see what projects were booked today, sales to date grouped by salesperson, installations this week, outstanding punch lists, received today, decision dates this week and more. There are endless possibilities on how you can use the Day Planner. Use the standard e-manage|ONE Day Planner Items or create your own custom items with the easy configurator.


e-manage|ONE workflow facilitates setting policy within your organization from the day you go live.

No more lack of accountability.

Workflow Action Items cannot be deleted or ignored. Workflow Action Items are user defined tasks that need to be done in your company by a certain person(s) such as a request for a drawing to be done, an estimate, to invoice for a deposit, process an order, confirm vendor acknowledgements and so on.

Workflow Action Items are completely customizable. Create prerequisites for submission of an Action Item(s) and completion. This helps to streamline your processes and save money by not wasting time on incomplete requests.

Jobs costs are automatically calculated as Action Items are opened and closed. This provides you with an internal history and cost of your projects.


e-manage|ONE keeps track of every active opportunity. Managers of sales people see every opportunity listed and sales people only see their opportunities. Manage opportunities by decision date, set the sales stage, the next contact date and next contact type.

The status lets you know where the opportunity is in the process. For more information see Workflow Action Items.


All opportunities are in the e-manage|ONE database and all estimating is done in e-manage|ONE. Easily run forecasts for sales people, vendors, markets, customers, City, State or just about anything.

Create custom formulas in grids for weighted forecasts and create custom reports in e-manage|ONE with easily created graphs for presentations.


The Project Information page has the scope of the project, who the project contacts are and which salesperson(s) the opportunity belongs to along with their sales credit for commissions. Workflow is also determined in project information by setting the project type. Project history is created by adding a contact to a project. Look up a contact and see every project they have been a part of.


Surveys are fully customizable. They are based on the project type and are available via the web portal for use on the job site.  Create a job site survey, product survey, customer survey, design survey or any survey you want.


Document management is a extremely powerful feature of the program. All documents (emails, CAD files, MS Documents, PDF’s, Pricing files, Vendor Quotes, Invoices, etc…) are saved to a record in e-manage|ONE. There are documents for Projects, Companies, Contacts, Service tickets and more.

Documents cannot be deleted but can be set as current and not current so the integrity of your history is maintained. The document previewer allows you to preview the document without the need to open it. Versions of edited documents are automatically saved so you can revert to the previous versions if necessary.


Projects requiring a quick turnaround can use the Quick Quote function in e-manage|ONE. It allows you to start a project and create a price quote in one window. You can also book it and process an order at the same time.

All the functionality in the estimating module are available so you can import pricing files, use auto parts, associated parts and inventory items.


The estimating module is a robust estimator with many options to estimate quicker and more accurately. The e-manage|ONE estimating module has a built-in parts catalog. Parts can have pictures associated with them and you can set parts to have associated parts that automatically pop up when adding them to an estimate.

You can create multiple options for estimates and custom descriptions with pictures.


e-manage|ONE has elegant quote reports giving you the ability to easily modify them using the built-in Telerik report designer. Create professional proposals for your company as a standard. Email Quotes/Proposals from the viewer directly to your customer. It is automatically saved to the project for posterity.


Quickly create parts catalogs. Categorize them, use them for inventory, add pictures to parts which show on your quotes and in the customer web portal catalog for customer ordering. Set parts that are associated to other parts which you can manually add or you can set to automatically add and even automatically calculate at the same time.


e-manage|ONE makes doing business with you easier not only for your customers but also for your vendors and yourselves. We continue to work with our customers vendors to integrate them with e-manage|ONE. Furniture dealers and manufacturers have valued this as it streamlines complicated processes and helps to eliminate the factor of human error.


Everything done in e-manage|ONE is automatically saved in the record and cannot not be deleted or modified. Data integrity is one of our main goals and concerns. Items such as documents, notes, appointments, workflow action items, phone messages, service and more are all automatically saved.

Notes can be set to automatically pop up and open when a record is opened to alert what needs to be acknowledged before proceeding. Use this functionality to alert everyone to key information about a project.


The e-manage|ONE calendar is integrated with Outlook and works very similarly. Create appointments for yourself, send invitations to external recipients and invitations to other employees. Appointments are automatically saved to the project if selected or the contacts record.

Appointments scheduled on mobile devices that are synced with your Outlook will automatically show up on your e-manage|ONE calendar. If you have the rights you can view other users calendars and schedule appointments for them.