• Business Development

    A good relationship goes a long way… What are you doing to manage the relationships you have with your customers, vendors and employees?

e-manage|ONE gives your team the tools for success

Opportunity Management

Manage your opportunities from anywhere, monitor the progress, and use the built in historical based columns: Close Ratio and Forecast Accuracy, by salesperson, to build meaningful forecast reports.

Easily track open and expired quotes with simple grids that contain all the information your salespeople will need to stay on top of current business opportunities. Both quote grids (active and expired) contain Estimated Cost, Sale, Profit and Margin, Quote Name, Quote Description, plus, your salespeople will see their potential commission values based on each quotes profit margin.

Although e-manage | ONE is Windows based software, this is the 21st Century we are living in so, we also include (at no extra charge) a feature rich web portal, so you can confidently send your salespeople out to customers with just a smart phone or tablet, knowing that they will be able to perform their sales functions and instantly communicate new information to home office without lugging around a laptop.

Salespeople use our innovative “Touch System” (Next Touch Type and Next Touch Date) that automatically add tasks to their e-manage and outlook calendars for each opportunity.

Current Opportunities

e-manage|ONE keeps track of every open/active opportunity you have. Managers of sales people see every opportunity listed and sales people only see their opportunities.Manage opportunities by decision date, set the sales stage & the next touch date and next touch type. Opportunities are easily tracked and most of not forgotten about.

e-manage|ONE  gives you an easy and automated way to track the status of all your opportunities. The status lets you know where the opportunity is in its progression throughout the process. For more information see Workflow Action Items.


Because all opportunities are already in the e-manage|ONE database and all estimating is done in e-manage|ONE you can easily view your a forecast at any given time, anywhere on any device. Easily run forecasts for sales people, vendors, markets, customers, City, State or just about anything.

Create custom formulas in grids for weighted forecasts and create custom reports that can be run in e-manage|ONE with graphs for presentations.

Project information

The Project Information page of your opportunity helps your entire team understand the scope of the project, who the project contacts are, the type of influencer they are, which salesperson(s) the opportunity belongs to along with their sales credit for commissions. Workflow is also determined in project information by setting the project type. Project history is created just by adding a contact to a project. Look up a contact and see every project they have been a part of.


Surveys are fully customizable and tailored to your business. They are based on the project type and are available via the web portal for used on the jobsite.Surveys are a series of questions with answers you preconfigure to be used for different functions of your business. Create a jobsite survey, product survey, customer survey, design survey or any survey you could think of.

Document Management

Document management is a major part of e-manage|ONE and a extremely powerful feature of the program. All documents (emails, CAD files, MS Documents, PFD’s, Pricing files, etc…) are save to a record in e-manage|ONE. There are documents for projects, Companies, Contacts, Service tickets and more.

Documents cannot be delete but can be set as current at not current so your integrity of your history is maintained. The document previewer allows you to preview the document without the need to open it. Versions of edited documents are automatically saved so you can revert to the previous versions if necessary.

e-manage|ONE also has a fill server built into it so you can access company documents from anywhere you have internet access inside of e-manage|ONE. Every user has Temporary documents which is a place documents can be loaded that are not part of a record and can be shared with other users and attached to a record at a later date.

Workflow Action Items

e-manage|ONE workflow is true workflow which will set policy within your organization the day you go live. No more, I didn’t get it, I can’t find it, I never saw it and so. Workflow Action Items cannot be deleted or ignored. Workflow Action Items are user defined tasks that need to be done in your company by a certain person(s) such as a request for a drawing to be done, an estimate, to invoice for a deposit, process an order, confirm vendor acknowledgements and so on. Workflow Action Items are limitless. Create prerequisites for submission of an Action Item(s) and completion task(s) when completing an Action Items. This helps to streamline your processes and save money by not submitting/completing incomplete requests.

Jobs costs is automatically calculated as Action Items are opened and closed so you have a internal history and cost of your projects.

Day Planner

The e-manage|ONE Day Planner is a snapshot of what is happening today, this week, last week or next week. In one window you can see what projects were booked today, sales to date grouped by salesperson, installations this week, outstanding punch lists, received today, decision dates this week and more. There are end possibilities on how you can use the Day Planner. Use the standard e-manage|ONE day planner Items or create your own custom items with the easy configurator.

Time & Materials

The Time and Materials Budget Tracking is for companies that bill customers for the time spent and the materials used and bills the customer at regular intervals for work performed. Create budgets that are tracked and add time sheets. Parts needed are and  if necessary, purchase order can be created.

Quick Quotes

If you have projects that require a quick turnaround you could use the Quick Quote function in e-manage|ONE. It allows you to start a project and create a price quote in one window at once. You can also book it and process an order at the same time.

All the functionality in the estimating module are available so you can import pricing files, use auto parts, associated parts and inventory items.


The estimating module is a robust estimator that gives you many options to process and estimate quicker and more accurately. The e-manage|ONE estimating module has a built-in parts catalog, parts can have pictures associated with them, you can set parts to have associated parts that automatically pop up when adding the to a estimate and you can have parts automatically add and calculate on other parts so your team does not forget to include an item and a price for the item.

You can create multiple options for estimates and custom descriptions with pictures.

Quote/Proposal Generation

e-manage|ONE has default quote reports standard with the ability to modify them using the built-in Telerik report designer. Create profession proposals for your company as a standard printing them in seconds as all information from the estimate carries over. Email Quotes/Proposals from the viewer directly to you customer which is automatically saved to the project for history and make it accessible to your customer via the customer web portal all at the same time.

Parts Catalog

Create your own parts catalog. Categorize them, use them for inventory, add to pictures to parts which show up in inventory, on your quotes and in the customer web portal catalog for customer ordering.Set parts that are associated to other parts which you can manually add or you can set to automatically and even automatically calculate at the same time.

Personal Calendar

The e-manage|ONE calendar is integrated with Outlook and works very similar. Create appointments for yourself, send invitations to external recipients and invitations to other employees. Appointments are automatically saved to the project if selected or the contacts record.

Appointments schedule on mobile devices that are synched with you Outlook will automatically show up on your e-manage|ONE calendar. If you have the rights you can view other users calendars and schedule appointments for them.

Opportunity History

Just about everything you do in e-manage|ONE is automatically save in the history of the record and cannot not be deleted or modified so the integrity of your data is maintained.Items such as documents, notes, appointments, workflow action items, phone messages, service and more are all automatically saved.

Notes can be set to automatically pop up and open when a record is open to alert any individual opening it which has to be acknowledge before proceed on. Use this functionality to alert everyone to key information about a project so it is not missed.

Vendor Integration

e-manage|ONE is here to make doing business with you easier for not only your customers but also for your vendors and your selves. We continue to work with our customers vendors to integrate e-manage|ONE with them as much as possible. Furniture dealers and manufacturers have valued this as it streamlines complicated processes and helps to eliminate the factor of human error.