See how fast our import really is… here.

See e-manage | ONE Importing in action in the video to the right.

This is a very short 3 minute video where we import 3 different OFDA XML files to show off our newly redesigned Import Window.

2 are from 20/20 and are Teknion and SitonIt Product

1 is from Configura CET Designer and is Haworth product.

The 3 files combined have over 2,000 line items and import in just a few seconds each, including tagging.

e-manage can import any .sif, OFDA XML, or even Excel file from any manufacturer with 3 clicks of the mouse.

If your software can’t import over 2,000 line items in a matter of seconds… you’re using the wrong software and should probably look around our website some more and see what else we can do for you..

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