• Service & Extended Warranty

    Just because you completed the job it doesn’t mean your customer service should stop

Continue with great customer service after the job is completed

Service Extended Warranty

e-manage|ONE has all your service and extended warranty needs built right-in so you can provided your customers with the best customer service after the great job you did.

The service module is perfect for a service departments as it has service tickets, quotes, service purchase orders and it’s own scheduling / service calendar.

You can also track warranty items and create Extended Warranty proposals for products that require ongoing service and preventative maintenance.

Service Tickets

Create Service tickets with detailed information for your service technician.

Service Calendar

The Service department has it’s own calendar to schedule service technicians.

Serviceable Items

Create a Serviceable Item from products sold that need ongoing servicing.

Service Agreements

e-manage|ONE includes a detailed Service Agreement Module to manage products requiring ongoing preventative maintenance and help you generate untapped revenue in your business.

Document Management

Document management is a major part of e-manage|ONE and a extremely powerful feature of the program. All documents (emails, CAD files, MS Documents, PFD’s, Pricing files, etc…) are save to a record in e-manage|ONE. There are documents for projects, Companies, Contacts, Service tickets and more.

Documents cannot be delete but can be set as current at not current so your integrity of your history is maintained. The document previewer allows you to preview the document without the need to open it. Versions of edited documents are automatically saved so you can revert to the previous versions if necessary.

e-manage|ONE also has a fill server built into it so you can access company documents from anywhere you have internet access inside of e-manage|ONE. Every user has Temporary documents which is a place documents can be loaded that are not part of a record and can be shared with other users and attached to a record at a later date.

Time & Materials

The Time and Materials Budget Tracking is for companies that bill customers for the time spent and the materials used and bills the customer at regular intervals for work performed. Create budgets that are tracked and add time sheets. Parts needed are and  if necessary, purchase order can be created.

Quick Quotes

If you have projects that require a quick turnaround you could use the Quick Quote function in e-manage|ONE. It allows you to start a project and create a price quote in one window at once. You can also book it and process an order at the same time.

All the functionality in the estimating module are available so you can import pricing files, use auto parts, associated parts and inventory items.


The estimating module is a robust estimator that gives you many options to process and estimate quicker and more accurately. The e-manage|ONE estimating module has a built-in parts catalog, parts can have pictures associated with them, you can set parts to have associated parts that automatically pop up when adding the to a estimate and you can have parts automatically add and calculate on other parts so your team does not forget to include an item and a price for the item.

You can create multiple options for estimates and custom descriptions with pictures.