Implementation Calendar

e-manage |ONE has a calendar for Installations and a calendar for Service. You can create up to 20 different calendars for installation and 20 for service to separate out types of installations, deliveries and services. The calendar can be viewed as a standard calendar or as map so you can see visually where your installations are for a select time period.

Drag & drop orders onto the calendar from the queue “Orders Needing to be Scheduled” to easily create the schedule. Installation events on the calendar are color coded by type for easy viewing and sorting. The calendars can be filtered by installation crews, sales people, type and company division. General instructions can be entered in for the Work Order. Assign internal resources, subcontractors if necessary, items to install and assets. Scheduled orders automatically show up in the Schedule for Installation grid so sales people and other team members know what is installing and when.

Items to install come from PO’s or acknowledgements and when added create a pick list with the location of the items to be pulled and the truck to load. A work order is generated with the options to show, project contacts, installer(s) assigned, scope of work, the general description, subcontractors assigned, punch list form and map showing the installation location.

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