Sales & CRM

We view Sales and CRM somewhat different than most systems. We are not just a CRM system but we are a Business and Sales Management System which means we view CRM, Customer Relationship Management, as part of every aspect when dealing with a potential customer, an active opportunity, an order in process and a continued relationship after the project is completed.

e-manage |ONE is able to accomplish this because every aspect of a customer, project and service is all done in one system. As things are done statuses are automatically updated, conversions are tracked, forecasting is automatically generation and more.

Managing the customer relationship is not the responsibility of the salesperson but is the responsibility of everyone in your company. Anyone who answers the phone should be able to help, know who they are talking to and have everything they need at their finger tips. That is CRM!

We have also simplified CRM to make it not only a tool for management, which most systems are geared for, but an easy to use and powerful tool for Sales and Support people. It doesn’t have to be so complicated and definitely should require you to enter redundant information in multiple systems

  • Prospecting

    Use the e-manage |ONE Prospecting tool to generate lists of companies to call on. As well search companies from Prospecting and add the companies to e-manage |ONE without having to type the information in.

  • Leads

    Assign leads and monitor activity

  • Opportunity Management

    Every project created is listed in the e-manage |ONE Current Opportunities to easily manage and forecasting

  • Cutomer History

    See conversion ratios of opportunities, wins and losses. View employee activity and internal cost for won and lost projects.

  • Current Backlog

    View all open orders, current status, % billed, paid, see what your estimated commission will be and a whole lot more.

  • Project Tracking

    Track all aspects of your project such as ordered, pending and acknowledged, shipped, received, scheduled and if there is any Punch lists.

  • Integrated Calendar

    Integrated with Outlook, you can schedule appointments, Next touch types and touch dates.

  • Project Portfolio

    View recently completed projects and the pictures of the install within e-manage |ONE and the web portal. Slide through the picture and print a PDF Project Portfolio report and email with a couple of clicks.

Training Videos

Grid Setup for Sales Forecasts

The following video will show you how to create a custom grid layout and save it. The example is using the Cashflow Management grid to create a Sales Forecast grouped by month.

Creating and Using Contact Groups

The following video walks you through the process of creating and using contacts groups to do things such as send bulk emails.

Creating a New Company, Contact, Lead & Attaching it to a Marketing Campaign

The following video walks you through the process of creating a New Company, Contact, Lead and attaching it to a Marketing Campaign.

Setting Up And Using Marketing Campaigns

Track the success of your Marketing Campaigns

Using Email Templates

The following video demonstrates how to use the Email Templates feature in e-manage. It can be very helpful for emails that you send out on a regular basis or to create standards within your organization.

Add Contact, Create Lead, Start Project

Short video on how to add a contact to an existing company, create…

Create A Lead Record

Watch how to create a lead record for a contact.

Marketing Campaigns

Track the success of your Marketing Campaigns right in e-manage | ONE. See how well Marketing Campaigns have performed by viewing the conversions and the costs from a lead to an order with a Job being booked.


Create your very own project Portfolio just by taking pictures of your project when you are logged into the e-manage|ONE web portal from your mobile device.